1. Review: The Smashing Book #2

    People who know me know that I love books. I imagine when I retire that I will have my comfortable chair, my pets around me, and reading the rest of my life away (when I am not in a death metal mosh pit somewhere).

    I was deeply affected by The Twilight Episode “Time Enough” where an old man finally gets to spend his time after he is the only survivor of a nuclear explosion with the books he desperately loves. The twist just send sharp pains into my stomach and I will never forget it. Still haunts me to this day.

    Many times I will read a book on a subject I am versed in just to see how they present the topic. I hope that via this blog I can help expose some good & bad books out there.

    With that said, I was happy to have the opportunity to receive a copy of The Smashing Book #2. It is offered by the folks who run one of the best websites for web developers and designers.

    First, the production quality of the book itself is better than the first one. It is a very nice hardcover with good binding. The paper stock is good and it comes with a built in bookmark so thankfully there is no need for dog-earring pages. I think the typography could have been enhanced but does not distract from the content.

    The content like that found on their site is good. It is pretty comprehensive and covers a variety of topics such as:

    • Graphic Design
    • Building Mobile Experiences
    • Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping
    • Web Typography
    • Applying Game Design

    The topics discussed are given in a practical manner with plenty of eye-candy graphics.

    I think the audience for the book is of course those that are fans of Smashing Magazine as well as web designers and front-end developers who are looking for practical guidance. If you are a code-junkie, then this is probably not the droid you are looking for.

    Now, one chapter I was fascinated by was “How to Make a Book (Like This One)” where they describe how you can go about getting a book published and all the things you need to consider (publishing house or DIY? eBook?). This is extremely helpful and will become more important as I believe more readers will adopt boutique & niche book producers directly that they trust and eBooks will become more popular (if I buy a book online, I typically will get the digital version as well).

    If you are a fan of DVD extras, then you will probably enjoy The Lost Files which is additional content that they could not fit into the book that they are making available for free.

    Last, I really enjoyed the art work in the book by Yiyung Lu who you may know as the designer of the infamous Twitter Fail Whale.

    I give this a: recommend.

    Go get it today

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